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Guru Spotlight: Mamichula8152

15 October 2014

Lee (Mamichula8153) radiates inner happiness that shines through in her tutorials. She clearly lives according to her favorite quote by Joel Osteen, “When you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to you to destroy you. They’re sent to promote, increase and strengthen you”.

The native New Yorker invites her fans into her personal life and has even shared an amazing video of her wedding, which felt much more personal than the typical highlight video. Lee’s tutorials are also just as entertaining as her life. Her foundations are always flawless and fresh, and her color choices work to beautifully compliment her gorgeous long dark hair. On her channel, Lee delivers an even balance of tutorials, hauls, reviews and person vlogs.


What is the best beauty advice that you have gotten?

A smile is your best accessory! Makeup can only do so much, but inner beauty radiates! :)

What’s the worst beauty advice that you’ve gotten?

Hmm...thats a tough one! I would say skipping the moisturizer if you have oily skin. Its important to use a daily moisturizer no matter what your skin type is! And suprisingly- moisturizer is extremely beneficial for us oily-skinned girls! It actually tricks your skin & prevents it from producing more oil!!

Who is your make-up inspiration?

I would say the beautiful Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, & Sofia Vergara. Classic beauties!!! Whether its an intense red carpet look, or glowing natural day time makeup...these ladies knock it out of the park!

If your vlog had a mission statement, what would it be?

To help woman feel comfortable in thier own skin!! Have fun with makeup, afterall- at the end of the day it all washes off! Dont take it too seriously :)

What are your favorite vlogs to watch?

Ahh!! My guilty pleasure! AprilJustinTV & ItsJudysLife. These couples are such a HUGE inspiration to me.

What beauty products can you not live without?

Hmmm...as long as I have a good quality foundation, some liner & mascara IM SET :)

How long have you been into make-up?

Since FOREVER! I was basically born with a blush brush in hand!! Haha!

If you could only make up one part of your face per day, what would it be (i.e. eyes, lips, lashes)?

Skin!! A beautiful clean & even canvas is everyyyything!!!!!

What was your first make-up experience that you remember?

Dress up with mama's makeup as a very young girl!! I LOVED it.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start a vlog?

I know everyone says this... but its so true: Be YOURSELF! Have fun. Start it for the right reasons (super important!!!)

What type of camera do you use? What do you use to edit your videos?

I use my Canon Rebel t5i & Magix Movie Edit Pro.

What are the best aspects of running your own vlog? What are the hardest?

Being my own boss is awesome! Making my own schedule, setting my own personal goals. However, being a perfectionist- sometimes I am TOO hard on myself.

What are your favorite places to shop?

Honestly... 70% of my wardrobe is from H&M! Its my go to shop!!! :)

Are there any trends that you are inspired by this season?

As far as makeup- black cherry lips, nude eyes, gold accents & bold brows!

Fashion- rich colors, bold patterns, & tons of layers!!

If you have $1000 to spend on make-up, what would you buy?

Skincare would be first on my list!!

If you only had $100 to spend on make-up, what essentials would you buy?

With only $100 I would hit the drugstore for some concealer that could double up as a foundation, a setting powder, a cream blush for cheeks & lips, and of course my favorite Covergirl Lashblast Mascara!!

What’s in your travel beauty bag?

Just the basics!! I like to keep it extra simple while traveling. Skincare is always my focus! When I keep my skin in good condition, my makeup routine is extra easy!!!

What is your most memorable beauty faux-pas?

Super thin tweezed brows in highschool!!! Can I burn those pics?? Haha!!!

Your favorite quote by Joel Olsteen is powerful. “When you face difficult times, know that challenge are not sent to you to destroy you. They’re sent to promote, increase and strengthen you”. Can you share with us on of your hardest moments over the past year, and how you were able to get through it?

YES!!! Joel Osteen plays such a huge role in my life. I have never been so inspired & postive as when I started listening to his podcasts. What a huge life changer for me!! Over the past year I had a tough time balancing wedding planning along with keeping consistent on my channel!! It was tough- im not going to lie! But I have an amazing support system!!!

We know that you are really looking forward to being a mother. What key beauty advice would you share with a daughter?

Oh wow, just the thought of that gets me super sentimental!! :) Just as my mother has always taught me, makeup is something we have fun with- but it is not a neccessity!! Inner beauty & confidence outshines any mascara or lipstick you could ever buy!!! Having a good heart, helping those in need & having a postive mindset are the key to real beauty!

Why do you think that you loved college, but hated high school?

I loved college because by that time I was a lot more confident in who I was as a person. College was a refreshing experience away from high school drama, cliques, & bullies!! Everyone was accepted for who they were- and I LOVED that.

How has starting a vlog changed your daily life? What have you learned from it?

My channel has truly changed who I am!! I am SO inspired by my viewers & all the people it has connected me to. I smile everyday, I am so thankful.

What are some of your favorite memories from the past year?

Well I would have to say...getting married!!!! It was SO amazing to be able to share this journey with my viewers! Everything from what to do when you are newly engaged, planning a wedding, going on our honeymoon...and our wedding videography will be up next!! If you would have asked me 5 years ago... never in a million years would I think that I would upload such personal life moments up on the internet for hundreds of thousands of people to see. Crazy how life has turned out for me....my subscribers are so much more than that...they are my true life friends, they know me better than I know my own self sometimes! Haha :) Such a blessing.