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Guru Spotlight: Msbrittanybrat

09 September 2014

Brittany (msbrittanybrat) is a beautiful blonde belle from the South who has been transplanted into sunny Los Angeles, California. She’s got a soft loveable vibe that really brings you in. At college, Brittany’s desire to find a career doing something that she loved and was passionate about led her to major in public relations. The major has the added benefit of being letting her leverage her experiences running a successful YouTube channel (over 60,000 subscribers) .

We love that Brittany has an open and honest voice about things other than just makeup. Her positive energy and perspective on challenge is inspirational. She happily talks about the ups and downs of college, career, and staying sane under the pressure.  Subscribe to Brittany’s channel because you will really enjoy what Brittany shares about both life and beauty.


What is the best beauty advice that you have gotten?

To wash my face every night before I go to bed! It is so important to wash off all of your makeup at the end of the day and even if you don’t wear makeup it’s good to get all the dirt and oils off that clog your pores.

Which celebrity inspires you the most, and why?

Lauren Conrad. She’s great at so many things and also really relatable. She gives great tips for style, beauty, lifestyle, and pretty much anything else I need help with!

What are your favorite vlogs to watch?

I love watching “Get Ready With Me” style vlogs. I think it’s interesting to see how others get ready in the morning and what products they are using. I also like comedic vlogs from vloggers like Grace Helbig and MirandaSings.

What beauty products can you not live without?

Moisturizer is my only necessity. I moisturize my skin every morning and night. I love Olay’s daily moisturizer for sensitive skin for the daytime because it’s light and also has SPF, which is really important to wear daily. For nighttime I apply Benefit Cosmetics total moisture face lotion. It’s a thinker formula but still doesn’t irritate my skin.

How long have you been into make-up?

I hated makeup until a few years ago. I didn’t like the way it felt on my face or how it made me look. My mom loves makeup and skincare products so she would always try to get me to try things out. I finally started wearing tinted moisturizer and mascara regularly when I was 16.

If you could only make up one part of your face per day, what would it be (i.e. eyes, lips, lashes)?

If I don’t have time to wear a full face of makeup then I rather not wear any at all. But if I had to pick one thing it would be to apply mascara. I love trying out different mascara’s and seeing which ones are best for my lashes.

What was your first make-up experience that you remember?

Clinique was really popular when I first started wearing makeup. All of my friends had their green foundation compacts and I remembered feeling so cool when I finally got one, I didn’t even like the actual product! Even though I wasn’t that in to makeup at the time, it was still really fun and exciting when my mom would take me to the makeup counter.

Advice for someone who wants to start a vlog?

Don’t worry about what other people are going to think! If you want to start making YouTube video then you should do it regardless of what anyone else says.

What type of camera do you use?

I use a Canon Elph. It’s a digital camera that’s great for my beauty and fashion videos but also for follow me around vlogs.

What are the best aspects of running your own vlog? What are the hardest?

The best part of it is that I really enjoy doing it and it acts as a creative outlet for me. The hardest is that it’s time consuming and it’s sometimes difficult to manage making videos, school, and a social life.

Are there any trends that you are inspired by this season?

The bold patterned pants made a comeback this season in the form of bellbottoms. I’ve seen them so catered to so many different style, from hippy chic to a classic/preppy style like my own. I only a one pair but the boldness of them has reminded me that you can take risks and still polished.

If you have $1000 to spend on make-up, what would you buy?

Hourglass and NARS products! I’m obsessed but the pricy products aren’t always in my budget. If I had $1000 to spend on makeup I would definitely splurge on products from those two brands.

If you only had $100 to spend on make-up, what essentials would you buy?

First off, I would only buy things from the drugstore. A lot of the products are just as good as high-end products! I would have to get the Revlon colorstay foundation, the Maybelline dreamlumi concealer, CoverGirl clump crusher mascara, the Revlon colorstay lipbalm stain in Adore, and for everything else I would get E.L.F. products. You can never go wrong with E.L.F., their products are inexpensive but really great quality.

What’s in your travel beauty bag?

NARS sheer glow foundation, Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, Lorac front of the line liquid liner, Smashbox Full Exposure mascara, several Revlon colorstay lipbalms (they are my favorite lip products)

Who is your make-up inspiration?

Lauren Conrad, again. Her makeup always looks fresh and is never overdone. She advises girls to use makeup to compliment their features and that is something I agree with.

What is your daily routine?

I have class most days since I am in college. So I usually get ready in less than 30 minutes on school days. I usually have two or three classes a day. In between classes I eat lunch and go to the library to get schoolwork done and study. After classes I will usually pick out an outfit and apply a full face of makeup, since I don’t do that for class, and I will film or edit a video then go out with friends.

You were really emotional when you learned you got all A’s this past semester in school. Can you share with us more about what that meant to you?

I’ve struggled a lot in college, especially with my grades. I work really hard in school and to not always see that hard work pay off is disappointing. I knew I had A’s in all of my classes but one which I was expecting to make a low B in so when I logged on to my student account and saw I had made all A’s I was super surprised and excited. It was an awesome moment and feeling and I’m glad I was able to catch that on film for my vlog channel.

Can you share some words of advice to others who have to work extremely hard to achieve their academic and life goals?

My best advice to those people is to keep working hard. You might not see immediate results and success but you will eventually and that makes everything you get out of your hard work so much sweeter. Everything happens for a reason so if your hard work doesn't provide you with something you want it’s only because there’s something better for you that will come out from it in the future!

How has what you have learned from majoring in Public Relations helped with managing your YouTube channel?

It’s usually the opposite! I already knew so many things about PR because of YouTube. Networking, communications, and social media type stuff is a big part of my life because of YouTube. All of those things translate over to PR and that’s one of the reasons I chose pursue a degree and career in PR.

You mentioned in one of your videos that you want to go into fashion PR. What about fashion PR excites you?

I love fashion. It’s one of my biggest interests. I’m a firm believer in doing a career that you love and are passionate about so when it came time for me to choose a career path I knew I wanted to do something fashion related. The problem was I’m terrible at sewing, sketching, and anything that involves actual fashion design. But I enjoyed the business behind fashion so I knew I wanted to do something revolving around that. Kelly Cutrone and Whitney Port on the MTV reality show The City inspire me to pursue fashion PR. I knew I wanted to do what they were doing. After doing some research I decided to major in PR.

What has surprised you about LA? What are some things you miss about the South and some things you appreciate about California?

I’ve been really surprised at how nice and friendly everyone is here in California, I wasn’t expecting that! I really love California but I have to admit I miss the South a lot. The thing I miss the most is not having a ton of traffic. I hate how bad the traffic is in LA. I really appreciate having the beach and the mountains so close to each other, I love going to the beach and going hiking so have those two things so conveniently close is really nice and that’s something we don’t really have back home.

How has starting a vlog changed your daily life? What have you learned from it?

I don’t think having a vlog channel has necessarily changed my life, the only difference is I have to set time aside to edit my vlogs, which can be really time consuming. I only really vlog when I am with my family or with other YouTubers because most of my friends and other people in my life don’t want to be shown on camera. Doing the vlogs has helped me learn to manage my time better. When I vlog I have to do all my plans for the day then edit that into a video and upload the video while it’s still relevant.

What are some of your favorite memories from the past year?

One of my favorite things about vlogging is that I am documenting so many memories. I do vlogs for my viewers and well as myself, it’s nice to go back and see what I did last year. Some of my favorite memories are family vacations; we went to Colorado, Yellow Stone National Park, New York City and The Outer Banks of North Carolina.

If you’re up for sharing one of your hardest moments for the past year, could you tell us how you got through it?

I previously mentioned college has been difficult for me. Just managing my time and learning so much information seemed impossible at times. I was constantly stressed out and anxious. I decided to go to my school’s councilor and get some help which looking back on my college career is something I wished I had done since the very beginning. College is a lot of fun but the core of it is really difficult, going to class, studying for test, writing paper, doing projects, and so on. I was not prepared for college at all and it was a big change for me in general. My family was in another state, my friends and boyfriend were all in different towns, I had to share a room with someone for the first time, and so many other things made life more difficult than I was use to. Everyone who goes to college has to deal with these things and think so many people aren’t prepared for them. If you go and talk to your school’s councilor or psychologist once or twice a week just to have someone you can what’s going on in your life and have no judgment is great. My councilor also helped me overcome ADHD and anxiety attacks by giving me tips and excises to do. I know going to see a councilor might seems dramatic but I think it’s a good idea for everyone to have that outlet and in most schools you have easy access to things like that and students should take advantage of them even if they feel like their problems are only minor. 

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