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Guru Spotlight: Fabulousinmaking

26 September 2014

Kennedy saw that the over-stylized and over-photoshopped images of ‘perfect’ women were starting to tarnish what society’s definition of real beauty was, so she took a stand and created her own platform. She realized that if more girls understood that their individual beauty was just as special as that of a made-up model, maybe they would appreciate their own natural beauty more. “It’s all about getting the word out!” Kennedy says. With her more colorful tutorials, Kennedy also proves that loving makeup doesn’t mean that you don’t love your natural beauty.

Kennedy has created her own #TeamFab to spread the gospel of self-love and real natural beauty. She has a special combination of beauty, charisma and leadership that makes it obvious that she is destined for greatness both on youtube and beyond!

What is the best beauty advice that you have gotten?

The best beauty advice I've gotten so far is to apply a moisturizer to your face before applying anything else as it not only moisturizes but it also protects and keeps the face looking young and healthy!

What’s the worst beauty advice that you’ve gotten?

The worst beauty advice I've gotten so far is to use your hand to match your foundation color. I'm not sure who came up with this but I've learned that my face and hands are two different shades; using a foundation that matches the shade of my hand could really make me look like I have a mask on considering my face is lighter than my hands LOL!

Which person/celebrity inspires you the most in life, and why?

A celebrity that inspires me the most in life would definitely have to be Beyonce. She's not only beautiful, she's a wonderful role model and although she keeps most of her personal life private unlike most celebrity's; from what I can see as a fan, she does a fantastic job at being a business lady,a wife, and a mother to her daughter all at the same time!

If your vlog had a mission statement, what would it be?

My vlog actually already has a mission statement. Since I started my channel it has always been "Where fabulous begins!" This slogan was created to say the message that my YouTube channel is the exact place where I'd like to say fabulous is started!

What are your favorite vlogs to watch?

My favorite vlogs to watch are "Getting Ready With Me" videos! I have a high interest for watching others get ready for events and learning different beauty tips from other vloggers of Youtube.

What beauty products can you not live without?

I can not live without my mascara and concealer. My mascara only takes me a minute to apply and can make me look like I've spent a ton of time on my eye makeup when I actually haven't! I don't think I could live without my concealer also, it easily can cover any imperfections I want to hide and can also be applied very fast!

How long have you been into make-up?

I've been into makeup since I first started middle school. I can remember sneaking my moms makeup to play with when I was just in 6th grade.

If you could only make up one part of your face per day, what would it be (i.e. eyes, lips, lashes)?

If I could only make up one part of my face, I'd choose my eyebrows.I think eyebrows can really change the way the face looks and is sculptured. Shaping and filling them in can give you many different looks depending on the way you plan to do them.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start a vlog?

My advice for someone who wants to start a vlog is to be yourself!!! People will enjoy you so much more for YOUR personality and not someone else's.

What type of camera do you use? What do you use to edit your videos?

For filming I use a Canon Powershot Sx40hs. For editing my videos I use imovie 9.

What are the best aspects of running your own vlog? What are the hardest?

The best aspects for running my own vlog is being able to have such a huge voice to so many people and being able to teach young ladies like myself how to feel confident in their own skin. The hardest aspects of having a vlog is dealing with hate comments every now and then,at the end of the day I can say they only push me to strive to work harder!

What are your favorite places to shop?

A few of my favorite places to shop would have to be Forever21, Pacsun, H&M, Cotton On, Charlotte Russe, and Victoria's Secret.

If you have $1000 to spend on make-up, what would you buy?

If I had a $1000 to spend on make-up, I believe I'd purchase a lot more mac products considering mac is a expensive makeup brand that I don't own a lot of makeup from mac.

What is your most memorable beauty faux-pas?

My most memorable beauty faux-pas is pronouncing a makeup palette on one of my videos then getting a ton of comments correcting the way I pronounced the name of the palette LOL!

Who is your make-up inspiration?

My makeup inspiration would have to be Ariana Grande. Her makeup is always super natural but still flirty and girly which I love.

What is your favorite part about cheer?

My favorite part about cheer is connecting with other girls my age and getting to meet new people.

How has starting a vlog changed your daily life? What have you learned from it?

Starting a vlog has made it a lot more difficult to hang out with my friends considering I'm at school five days out of the week which leaves me only the weekend to film and edit videos. I look at my vlog as a mini job that I actually enjoy doing. I've learned that although making videos is something I love, I have to remember to put my school work first before my videos.

What are some of your favorite memories from the past year?

This past year I was chosen by my high school class to run for homecoming court! I was beyond lucky and honored to have been picked for such a huge role for my school. I also enjoyed this past year celebrating my 15th birthday with some of my close friends at my home! I believe it was one of my best birthdays I'd ever had so far.

If you’re up for sharing one of your hardest moments for the past year, could you tell us how you got through it?

One of my hardest moments this past year was trying to balance my YouTube life and my real life.I found myself always slacking on one or the other of the two. I've now learned how to manage my time wisely with both .

Was there a specific event in your own life that inspired you to create the intro to the “No Makeup” Makeup Tutorial?

After seeing multiple girls on Tumblr, Instagram and all of the other social networks out there, I felt like the definition of natural beauty had been turned into something it isn't suppose to be. So I thought I could use my voice on YouTube to spread the word on how society has changed the true definition of natural beauty.

Tell us more about #TeamFab! What do you see in the future for #teamfab?

#Teamfabs is what I like to call my group of fans. It's like our family title name. Anyone who supports my vlogs are considered apart of the #teamfabs community! In the future I hope to actually get to meet the #teamfab community in person!

What more do you believe needs to be done to make girls more confident in their natural selves?

I believe if the word got out that wearing your natural beauty is just as beautiful as the beauty of wearing makeup was spread to more people; people would appreciate their selves in there own natural skin more. I think it's all about just getting the word out!  

Lucia Chloe - Beauty Editor - IWantThatLook.com

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