Official Burlesque Christina Aguilera "I'm a Good Girl" Makeup Tutorial

22 March 2012 . 12.4K views . 230 likes

By janetloveify

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janetloveify’s Notes

Hey Everyone! Please LIKE this Video if you think I deserve to be the one of the TOP 30 for the NYX COSMETICS FACE AWARDS! This Is a tutorial inspired by the movie Burlesque with Christina Aguilera. Its the part were she performs Im a Good Girl. I am so sad that I just found out about this competition the day before YESTERDAY! So I decided to try and come up with something quick! The editing took Forever! But hey, I Tried :D The thing with the LIKES is that the more likes I get the better because its one way out of 4 the judges are going to pick someone. Well I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I will have all the products I used up soon. Oh I have a TWITTER Now! But I am still trying to figure out how to start using it, lol Thanks for Watching, Please Dont Forget to Subscribe Rate and Comment :) Follow me on twitter ;): For buisness purposes only, feel free to email Music is through a CC license from

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