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READ MORE INFORMATION DOWN HERE: Check out my previous DIY VIDEO HERE: So in this Christmas Holiday DIY video we will be making our own Gel Liner and Eyeshadow cream base. This such a perfect gift to give to your girlfriends. So as Ive said we are aiming for the right consistency! If you add in a lot of petroleum Jelly you will end up having a cream base consistency, but if you add in less petroleum jelly youd get more of like a gel liner consistency and its going to be more pigmented. Also, I dont recommend putting the gel liner since it has petroleum jelly inside your waterline especially if your eyes are very sensitive. This DIY lemon and Orange Flavor Body scrub is such a perfect gift for yourself a special treat to your skin, or to a sistah, a friend or a family member. This body scrub can really make your skin feel soft and smooth. CHECK OUT MY PREVIOUS VIDEO: DIY Hair Rinse for Oil Scalp-Hair and Dandruff- How to Get Shinny and Soft Hair- Here: Click here to see the DIY Organic Coconut Milk Hot Oil Treatment-How to Extract Coconut Milk Oil from the Coconut Fruit Here: TIPS ON HAIR GROWTH,HAIR LOSS, ETC. CHECK OUT MY HAIR TALK SERIES HERE: WHERE TO FIND ME: QUALITY MAKEUP BRUSHES: HOW I WHITEN MY TEETH: USE COUPON CODE: PinkBerry to get 70% off your order. Affordable and chic hair accessories: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: FOLLOW ME ON MY BLOG: LEAVE REQUESTS OR MESSAGE ME ON FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: beautykloveonyoutube Background Music: Made originally by my Dad. DIY gel liner, DIY eye shadow cream base, how to make your own makeup, pigmented, beautyklove, filipina beauty guru, eyeshadow, how to make your eyeshadows stand out, Christmas gifts, ideas for holiday Christmas gifts, hues, pigmented eyeliners,

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