Cheap Student Beauty Cheats - DIY Eye Primer

02 February 2014 . 63 views . 2 likes

8eA_v8VnfGxMPwY2izU1-A’s Notes

Hey everyone, Emily here ;) This is my first video from our Cheap Student Beauty Cheats segment! If you are a financialy-struggling, or just want to save a bit of money where you can (which in this economy, who wouldnt?) why not do it yourself with all things beauty? DIY Eye Primer! Made from 3-4 products you most likely already own. Sound worth your while? Music: First To Advance Composer: Dean Barrett, APRA(50.00%) Judy Whittaker Publisher: DJ Mar N Dean Freeplaymusic Products Used: Maybelline Concealer - Sand Sable The Body Shop Body Butter - Chocomania Revlon Colour Stay Liquid Foundation - Warm Golden Lioele - Triple The Solution BB Cream I used an empty Nivea day cream pot to store the primer in, being the cheap, intuitive student I am ;) Give it a go guys, hope you found this helpful :) More cheap cheats to come! Tutorial with me using the DIY Eye Primer: Thanks so much for watching, see you all soon xo

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