How To: Eyeshadow Primer DIY ♡

10 March 2014 . 132 views . 5 likes

By jiinxbeauty

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Hi everyone! So Ive been wanting to get an eyeshadow primer for the longest time but Ive never really felt like spending money on one and... today I discovered that you can make an eyeshadow primer at home! So I watched a few videos and decided to give this a try - yes I know there are a lot of similar videos, but I thought that there are still people out there that dont know about this method :) Surprisingly, it actually works pretty good! So yay for saving money, lol! Anyway, I hope you all find this video interesting and helpful! :) If you do, please give it a thumbs up - it would mean a lot ♡ xox If you are new to my channel, feel free to subscribe for more videos! ♡♡ Click to watch the design I had on my nails: Tweet me! :) Talk to me on Facebook! :D Instagram: Filmed with Nikon Coolpix S2600 I edited this movie in: Camtasia Studio 8 Products used: Dermo Soft moisturising cream Avon calming effects - skin revival foundation Random container Toothpick Visions Eye Trio - Pool Party

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