PorcelainPanic Scene Emo Makeup and Hair Tutorial Part 1 (makeup)

14 November 2010 . 38K views . 149 likes

porcelainpanicc’s Notes

Facebook: Page: Facebook.com/MissPorcelainPanic Profile: Facebook.com/MissPANICC Okayy so since so many people ask about my hair and makeup I decided to make a vid on it :D Part 1 Makeup Liquid Eyeliner wet n wild Pencil Eyeliner random dollar store one. Black eye shadow: from hot topic but they stopped selling it D: Liquid Foundation: Cheap discontinued walmart brand Compact Foundation: Jane Eyelash glue: Lash Grip Eyelashes: From sallys Song: Jeffree Star- Beauty Killer Add me! Myspace.com/75378616

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