Heavy Eyes Make Up - Emo, Gothic and Alternative Scene Tutorials From Blue Banana

10 January 2011 . 23.6K views . 69 likes

By bluebananauk

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bluebananauk’s Notes

This heavy eyes make up tutorial is a great way to experiment with a heavier style for eye liner and eye shadow. Ideal for a range of sub cultures and occasions, this tutorial shows you the ins and outs of this style. Featuring Ella Butler, a professional make up artist and using a variety of shades that you can find in our cosmetics section right here: www.bluebanana.com you can give yourself an all new look in moments thanks to Blue Bananas make up tutorial. Featuring a range of make up styles such as rockabilly, gothic, emo and grunge, you can get tons of ideas from our make up playlist right here: www.youtube.com

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