After 50: How to deal with your freckles| amymirandamakeup

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Some of us have freckles, and sometimes we have brown spots. While is it ok for us to look like ourselves, it is also good to try to soften the look of the freckles a bit. How do we do that? watch this video to find out my secrets on how to cover your freckles. Where to buy Bobbis compact foundation Bobbi Brown Illuminating bronzing powder: Nars Schiap lipstick: Please watch this video in high resolution. Click on the wheel at bottom of video | Select 1080p or 720p. Another video of Linda having full face makeup: If you enjoyed my video, you can also find me here: THANK YOU ! For watching, commenting and subscribing! How I apply my concealer: Use this product to remove all your dead cells: What are the best foundations for women over 50? When you dont want too much makeup: How to cover gray hair between coloring

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