Back to school ulzzang inspired makeup tutorial

18 August 2014 . 220 views . 21 likes

beautyinsideout93’s Notes

Hey Beautiessss!! PRODUCTS I USED: - Periphera BB Cream - The Face Shop ME:EX Eyes OR206 - Essence Eyebrow Styling Kit - Naked 2 (Booty Call & Tease) - Essence Gel Liner (Midnight in Paris) - Skilygirl Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm Its that time where YouTube is flooded with videos of the Back To School series and Im honestly quite excited to start this series of videos for you guys ! :) Here Im just improvising on the previous ulzzang makeup tutorial that I have done and I hope you guys do enjoy this updated back to school ulzzang inspired makeup tutorial. This back to school look, is a very basic ulzzang makeup tutorial that can work with of without the big framed korean glasses XD. I also thought with a back to school theme, I should add in a glasses makeup tutorial since I know Ill be rocking these glasses throughout the entire school year :) The ulzzang look incorporates the classic korean dewy skin and puppy eyes with a distinct liner. Paired with the gradient lip is circulating the korean beauty world by storm, I am in lovee with the look. So I hope you guys enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it ^_^ Thank you all so so much for watching ^_^ !! loves, -AedinG-

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