Fall makeup tutorial 2014 ✿ For green, grey, hazel and brown eyes :)

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By lilithedarkmoon

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Here comes my fall 2014 makeup tutorial. This look is ideal for parties and going out clubbing :) Blue/green teal and turquoise shades are my go colors when Im in the mood for a bright eye makeup that really makes my eyes pop, but feel free to try it out with blue or purple shades, depending on whats that compliments your eye color best, goes with your outfit and matches your mood :) I used teal and turquoise shades that really bring out the color of my eyes, but feel free to try out this makeup with different shades of blue or purple. Just find 3 matching shades (light, medium and dark) and go ahead! :) In my opinion this looks is perfect for green eyes, grey eyes, hazel eyes and brown eyes, while blue eyes look better with blue-toned shades. For this makeup I used - Dior #374 Blue Lagoon eyeshadow palette - Bourjois #55 Vert Pepite eye pencil - Too Faced Better than sex mascara - Too Faced blush - Bourjois #59 lip gloss Show me your results on Instagram with @LilithMoonLife #LilithMoonHair Linked videos: ✿ Party makeup tutorial http://youtu.be/EyJ141hdal4 ✿ Pin up makeup tutorial http://youtu.be/BA_qG-5wqFQ Follow me on ★ Instagram http://instagram.com/LilithMoonLife ★ Fаcebook http://www.facebook.com/LilithMoon ★ Twitter http://www.twitter.com/LiliTheDarkMoon ★ Pinterest http://www.Pinterest.com/LilithMoon ★ Blog http://www.lilithmoon.com ★ ВКонтакте http://vk.com/LilithMoon ❤ my beauty channel in French http://www.YouTube.com/LilithMoonFr ❤ my beauty channel in Russian http://www.YouTube.com/LilithMoonRu Feel free to check out ✔ My hair story http://www.lilithmoon.com/2013/06/my-hair-story.html ✔ All about my hair http://www.lilithmoon.com/2011/09/in-this-post-ill-try-to-answer-all.html

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