re upload: Waterproof Bridal Makeup Tutorial (Destination Wedding)

07 October 2014 . 219 views . 10 likes

makemeoverkatie’s Notes

Hi Guys, This a re upload as the video accidentally went private. It is now public. A lovely soul asked me to film a tutorial for her as she will be getting married on a destination wedding in a tropical location. Lucky her right! I am very grateful that she agreed for me to post this video. I hope it helps those of you that live in tropical hot climates, or those of you who are getting married in the summer. I have listed the products in the video, they are easy products to find, please google them & if you have trouble let me know in the comments section. Thank you for watching, & if you havent subscribed already, please do this as it really helps me  bride to be is wearing this headpiece: Im a free lance makeup artist in Sydney who just wanted to try push myself to edit videos, show me some love if you like on; keywords: bridal makeup, humid weather, destination wedding, bridal season, tropical bride

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