Glitter Makeup Tutorial Holiday makeup Tutorial

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By smashinbeauty

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My newest Glitter Makeup Tutorial Holiday makeup Tutorial! Follow my step-by-step makeup tutorial to get this Holiday Makeup, Christmas Makeup & New Years Eve Makeup Look - Make sure to SUBSCRIBE if you like what you see! OPEN FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact for business Inquiries: MAKEUP GEEK eye shadows & pigments SIGMA KITS I LOVE: EXTRAVAGANZA COPPER KIT- ADVANCED ARTISTRY SET- ESSENTIAL KIT - MRS. BUNNY- SIGMA BEAUTY Coupons BH COSMETICS Get 50% BH Cosmetic Coupons: Glitter Makeup Tutorial Holiday makeup Tutorial Another glitter makeup tutorial which is idea for holiday makeup, christmas makeup, new years eve makeup or just for a night out on town. This is a beautiful makeup tutorial and also check out my other glitter tutorial which I did, the red glitter eye makeup tutorial. Check out my blog post for all details and a full product list: Some products used: Sigma Beauty E45 Sigma Beauty fall softly Sigma Beauty brilliant and spellbinding Sigma Beauty E55 Makeup Geek pigment birthday wish Sigma blush - for cute Makeup Geek - Burlesque Sigma Beauty E30 Sigma Beauty E35 Sigma Beauty E40 Sigma Beauty E45 Stargazer glitter Sigma Beauty E70 _____________________ OTHER MAKEUP TUTORIALS Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial Red Glitter Makeup (Holiday Makeup Tutorial 2014) _____________________ Easy Broken Nose & Cut Lip SFX makeup Tutorial Swollen Black Eye SFX makeup tutorial Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial The Craft Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial Sexy Catwoman Makeup Tutorial Infected severe herpes SFX makeup Easy Skull & Brain Halloween Makeup Tutorial Glam Plastic Surgery Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2014 The strain vampire halloween makeup tutorial Easy 3D pop eye halloween makeup Cut Finger Special Effects Makeup SFX makeup The Book Of Life La Muerte Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial VIDEO & EDIT SmashinBeauty MUSIC: YouTube Music library OTHER PLACES TO FIND ME Website - Google+ Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - FTC DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored video. Some links above might be affiliate links.

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