Red Lipstick Concealer for Dark Circles ? : Beauty Hack

12 March 2015 . 436 views . 25 likes

By xxnic0leex

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Red Lip Stick Concealer Trick for Dark Under Eye Circles / Beauty Hack! Does it work ? Testing out the Red Lipstick Concealer Beauty Hack for Dark Undereye Circles. Ive seen this all over Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Facebook, and Youtube. I figured I would test it out myself and see how well it worked. Everyone seems to have different results. I tried a bunch of different lip stick colors to try and see which one worked best! Let me know what you guys think! Personally I feel like my under eye circles have more of a blue/purple hue to them. I feel like this trick does work if you use the right colors, but personally I dont feel like I would need to do this in my everyday life! The Science of Color Correcting with Makeup: Green: Cancels out Redness Pink: Cancels out Purple under eye circles Yellow: For olive/tan skin cancels out purple-blue under eye circles and dark patches Hope this helps :) I plan on doing a video on this! COMMENT, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY VIDEOS! FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! TWITTER: @ NICOLEXJULIANA INSTAGRAM: @NICOLEXJULIANA BUSINESS INQUIRES: Currently Partnered: StyleHaul Red lipstick concealer for dark under eye circles, Red lipstick concealer pinterest, Red lipstick concealer buzzfeed, red lipstick concealer hack, red lipstick concealer beauty hack, red lipstick concealer trick, red lipstick for under eyes, skin color correcting, how to cover dark circles, how to conceal dark under eye circles, how to conceal dark circles under eyes, red lipstick concealer tutorial, red lipstick concealer pinterest, pinterest beauty hacks, conceal dark circles with red lipstick, conceal dark eye circles, Dark Circles, How to cover dark circles, how to hide dark circles under eyes, how to get rid of dark circles under eyes with makeup, orange concealer, how to conceal dark circles, under eye corrector, How to apply concealer, How to use color corrector, Dark circles under eyes, How to get rid of dark circle, How to conceal under eye circles, diy, do it yourself, diy makeup, diy beauty, under eye corrector, diy concealer, How to cover dark under eyes, how I conceal dark eye circles, How to apply makeup, Concealer for dark skin, How to apply concealer, How to apply concealer

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