DIY Eyeshadow Primer || ❥

20 February 2015 . 111 views . 2 likes

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Thank you guys so much for watching and I hope you enjoy! Please subscribe and like! Again Im sick! I will be having an international giveaway when I hit 100 so subscribe now! Please give credit! I did a lot of research in this because I almost ran out of my urban decay eyeshadow primer so I decided to make one! I did look at some peoples videos and to find out the rest of the ingredient like aloe gel! Thank you and more info below! Steps: First put in your moisturizer first Then put in your foundation. Mix for 30 sec. it will be clumpy Next get your BB cream. The BB cream i use is the Shiseido Urban Environment in the color 2 Your moisturizer, BB cream, and foundation should be the same amount. Mix again for a good solid 30 sec. Put in your aloe gel. Just a drop. Mix for 30 sec again Then add in your powder. The aloe gel and your aloe gel should be the same amount. Mix again for 30 sec. If your product is clumpy like mine was add more foundation or bb cream. DO NOT ADD MORE MOISTURIZER OR ALOE GEL. Finally enjoy your DIY Primer! This can prime you face! It has great coverage and can be a great gift idea! If you have any more questions please comment! I took a lot of time and effort on this video so please dont hate especially because i am sick! This took me 5 hours to edit!! :( Please give credit! Song: Blame by Calvin Harris and Im Ready AJR

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