Doing My Boy FRIEND'S Makeup | Melanie Murphy & WorriedBubble

12 March 2015 . 11.8K views . 523 likes

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► Click here to see our video on Rorys channel, filmed in my new office ooh! Subscribe while youre there, hes hilarious: ► Follow me on Snapchat :) melaniiemurphy Rory and I only became friends relatively recently, via YouTube! We met on Twitter, I instantly fell in love with his channel (hes seriously so, so funny I cant handle it haha) my boyfriend and I watched every single one of his videos, then one day he mentioned me in a vlog and we got chatting in the Irish YouTubers group. Its funny how sometimes you just click with a complete stranger from the internet and become real life friends! Let me know if yous want to see lots more of Rory on my channel down below. And if youre reading this, comment Rory flailing around in his yellow tights gives me LIFE Subscribe and check out my tags/challenges & my collabs playlists for some more fun collabs such as: Me and BriBry chat boys and makeup! Me and Clisare do the Photo Booth challenge! Me and Sean do the accent challenge! AND the whisper challenge! A bunch of us doing the conjoined twins challenge! ►The BEAUTIFUL music in this video is by one of my favourite composers on YouTube, Peter Gundry: ►SUBSCRIBE TO MY BOYFRIEND, RETROEJIT! He does gaming and hes wonderful: This is NOT a sponsored video!

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