Jaycie's Makeup Tutorial 101

25 March 2015 . 7.93K views . 404 likes

cheokboardstudios’s Notes

Ever wondered how those beautiful Celebrity Bloggers do their make-up? Well, look no further, Jaycie from Cheokboardstudios will show you the cheapest and most effective way to do it. Simple, Long-lasting make-up for everyday, coming to you in this hilarious video parody. _ Cast & Crew: Jonathan Cheok Instagram: @cheokboardstudios Roger Pho Director: Roz Pho Instagram: @rozpho _ Music: www.audiomicro.com (Fullscreen Inc Partnership) NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS WERE INTENDED. _ Hey! Want to work on a video project or advertise with cheokboardstudios? Contact us here: Email: jonathancheokco@gmail.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cheokboardstudios Instagram: @cheokboardstudios Twitter: @cheokboardtweet _ MAKE VIDEOS, NOT WAR!

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