Boyfriend Tag: I do my boyfriends makeup!

03 April 2015 . 1.26K views . 24 likes

Awy7mb0-7fk_QOF9Jlm5Mg’s Notes

Hey everyone thank you for watching! This video is a I do my boyfriends Makeup. I had said that as soon as I get 100 subbies Id make video this so thank you guys for subscribing!!! I know this video is long but i hope yall like it! Now lets get serious Gabe makes a smokin girl right? well please give this video a thumbs up if yall enjoy and please subscribe if you havent already.. & Gabe says to follow him on his social media he will soon be starting a gaming channel for all of u girls that have bfs that love to play video games tell them to subscribe as soon as he gets it. Gabe is tagged in mainly all my pics on insta, so to follow him you can go to my profiles first to get him:) Insta: knicole1602 Twittaa: kgolarte2 love yall XoXo Kate

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