DIY: cream eye shadow (Color Tattoo) - Patty Sway

21 January 2015 . 2.83K views . 126 likes

Patty Sway Makes Videos’s Notes

Important: in cool climate double the vaseline/almond oil because coconut oil is solid in cold temperatures! DIY solid/cream eye shadow from pigments I Patty Sway Bros video: This is my attempt at making an eye shadow that is similar to Color Tattoo by Maybelline. I have lots of pigments that I dont use because of how messy it can get when applying it as is. Especially if its got glitter in it :) You will need: - pigments - beeswax - coconut oil - vaseline or almond oil - small container My room mates (Something in the Way) video: Go tell her I sent you if you see this! :) Find me here: BLOG:

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