Pinterest Inspired DIY Glitter makeup brush holder

27 July 2015 . 53 views . 6 likes

By Free Butterfly



Free Butterfly’s Notes

Pinterest inspired DIY makeup brush holder, Watch in HD!! Its more awesome that way. Here is where I purchased my supplies: Mod podge ~ Dollar Tree Glitter ~ craft store (dont remember which one) Sponge paint brush ~ JoAnns Washi tape ~ Hobby Lobby Glass vase ~ Sams club ( was originally a candle that I cleaned out) My last video: First impression+ Demo: Physcians formula 2N1 eye booster liner Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this video are my own. This is not a sponsored video, in any way. I was inspired my makeup brush holders I saw on pinterest and Esty and wanted to create my own version. I hope you enjoy, bon appetite :)

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