How to Contour and Highlight || For Beginners

13 July 2015 . 71.3K views . 2.63K likes

By Roxxsaurus

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Roxxsaurus’s Notes

Hello my lovelies! Today I decided to do a little tutorial on how to contour and highlight your face! I havent seen any toned down versions of the Kim K glamorous and full contour routine so I decided to film one myself, its perfect for just a regular day as its not using huge amounts of product, hope you enjoy! My Etsy store: ♡My Links♡ Instagram: Tumblr: Twitter: My Etsy store: P R O D U C T S Revolution Contour Kit MaxFactor Ageless Elixir Foundation MUA Setting Powder Christian Dior Highlighter Songs: Yeah Nah - Tribe (feat. Cam Nacson) Sublab & Azaleh - You Found Me

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