EYELINER TUTORIAL // How I Do My Winged Liner

13 September 2015 . 1.7K views . 118 likes

By Lesley Converse



Lesley Converse’s Notes

How I do my signature winged liner + tips for beginners! Remember to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner http://bit.ly/1K8Dyvf Inglot T23 Eyeliner Brush http://bit.ly/1K8DBXY Michaels Acrylic Brush* http://bit.ly/1Y0v1Sl * They sell individual brushes as well! This is just the kit I got mine in. You obviously dont need all of those brushes haha. S O C I A L M E D I A ▶︎ TWITTER @ LConverse22 ▶︎ SNAPCHAT @LConverse22 ▶︎ INSTAGRAM @LesleyConverse ▶︎ TUMBLR /LConverse22 F A Q Q: What camera / lens do you use? A: Canon Rebel T3i with a Canon f1.4 50 mm lens. I use my kit lens for hauls and videos where I need to fit more in the shot. Q: What is your hair colour? A: past - May 2015 is my natural colour. May-june 2015 is L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Brown Sugar. July-present is Clairol Natural Instincts in Light Golden Red Q: How old are you? A: 21 Q: How tall are you? A: around 5’7” Q: Do you model? A: Not at this time, no. D I S C L A I M E R This video is not sponsored. All items were purchased by me unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own. C O M M U N I T Y G U I D E L I N E S As my channel has grown over the past two years, so has the number of comments that I receive on my videos. The vast majority of these comments are kind, positive, productive and constructive and I’m so appreciative of that! Thank you SO MUCH for your support! Unfortunately, with an increase of comments, comes an increase of negative comments as well, some of which are very harmful. I aim for my channel to be a fun and positive place for my viewers to indulge in some of our favourite things: beauty and fashion. It is a place to learn, enjoy yourself, and collaborate with others who share these interests. In order to preserve the atmosphere that I aim to maintain on my channel, I reserve the right to block users from my channel that violate the community guidelines listed below. users will be permanently blocked and thus banned from my channel by posting comments that are: intolerant of other’s lifestyles (dietary, religious, cultural, etc.) racist, homophobic, or transphobic intended to belittle, offend or otherwise hurt another person Freedom of speech is NOT freedom from consequences. Additionally, self promotion and spam are not permitted on my channel. These comments are filtered by YouTube and I delete every single one. Users that repeatedly leave self promotional and spam comments on my videos will be blocked.

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