My Custom Brush Holder from MK Acrylic Designs!

29 July 2015 . 1.36K views . 143 likes

By lovekisses99

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Hi Loves! check out! Youre only limited by your imagination. ***THE HOLDER IS NOT ON THE WEBSITE. IF YOU WANT ONE LIKE THIS, JUST MENTON THIS VIDEO*** MKS INSTAGRAM: LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @lovekisses99 FOLLOW ME ON MY Website: ALWAYS SOMETING ON SALE: FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @lovekisses99 GET FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE OF $30.00 at Sigma Brushes ALL product reviews or business inquiries: Email me at I have full permission to use all songs being played in my videos all which are original work. This track is owned by me as a licensed remix

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