DIY Quick and Easy Concealer! (2 Products Only!) | DIYwithKIM

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DIYwithKIM’s Notes

OPEN ME! Hi guys! So in this video, I am showing you how to make a SUPER EASY and SUPER QUICK DIY Concealer,perfect if youre in a rush or just simply run out of it! This DIY Concealer is very lightweight and can really cover Blemishes and dark under eyes circle! Besides pressed powder you can also use a Loose Powder in brown shade (Skin shade), Powder Foundation, and Bronzer if you have a dark skin! :) Any Moisturizer can be use for this DIY! -- PLEASE SUGGEST MORE QUICK, RUSHES, EMERGENCY DIY IN THE COMMENT SECTION DOWN BELOW! :) -- Also, Lets get this video up to 100 likes! Help me guys! :) -- Lets be friends! KIK- @DIYwithKIM -- Music: Sneaky Snitch - Kevin McLeod Sugar - Maroon 5 Really dont care - (remix) Last Friday Night Instrumental -- DONT FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE LOVE. :) -- THANKS FOR WATCHING! :) -- Keywords: DIY Quick and Easy Concealer DIY Easy Concealer DIY Concealer DIY Makeup Products DIY Maybelline Concealer

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