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By thatsNathan



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You guys have been asking for my skincare routine for quite a while... so today - YOU HAVE IT! Here are the products used and where to buy them: Face Wash: Face Brush: Toner: Moisturiser: Spot Treatment: Eye Cream: Magnitone Skin Brush Review: Really hope you guys enjoyed this sort of video! Please dont forget to hit that Thumbs Up button and subscribe so you dont miss out on my other videos! Love you guys! :) ****SUBSCRIBE**** ****LIKE**** ****FAVOURITE**** ****SHARE**** I hope you enjoyed the video, Stars! Please show me that you enjoyed watching by hitting the LIKE button! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE so that whenever I post a new video - Youll see it in your feed! While youre here - FAVOURITE & SHARE this video with your friends! Music: Kevin MacLeod Sound Effects by ------- OFFICIAL WEBSITE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR:

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