How To: EASY Creamy Concealer (2 ingredients!)

11 November 2014 . 212K views . 1.8K likes

By BeautyChikk26



BeautyChikk26’s Notes

♡ Open this for more Aubri!♡ | | | Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this video! I hope it helps you! I remember sitting in my room and I made like 1000 of these in little sample jars. As a kid I used to be OBSESSED with making lip balm with Vaseline and eyeshadow. I felt so cool! Dont forget to leave comments for my Q&A using the hashtag #askbc26 on twitter or Instagram! I love you all! Watch my school morning routine below! (under my links) ♡ My links♡ My channel: Instagram: Twitter: Tumblr: My School Morning Routine: 2000 SUBSCRIBER GIVEAWAY: GOOD LUCK! Ends- December 25th (Winner will be notified personally to avoid getting hate for being the winner. I know it sounds stupid but Ive had it happen on my other giveaways.) Thank you for your cooperation. Leave questions for Q&A videos in the comments! Frequently asked questions: What is your name? Aubri How old are you? 13 Why do you wear makeup? Because I think it enhances natural beauty. What do you edit with? iMovie What do you film with? My phone or sony handycam Are you partnered? Not yet but I have never applied. Maybe I will soon. This video is not sponsored. I do not own this music. All rights go to the owner.

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