How To Contour and Highlight | Face Nose & Cheeks

22 February 2016 . 25.6K views . 1.59K likes

TheMakeupChair’s Notes

How to contour and Highlight your face - All Face Shape Order My Makeup Book Today - TheMakeupChairHandbook : Worldwide Shipping - Online - Instore - Easons and select bookstores around Ireland. We are on Chapter 5 of my makeup book and this is all about Contouring and Highlighting. I love powder contouring and highlight a little more than cream, it always takes less working and time. Here is how to simple contouring and highlight your face shape! Highlighting powder - Blankcanvascosmetics White Highlighting Brush - F28 Highlighter - Pippa Palette Lulu Highlighter Brush - F05 (fan brush) Blush - Pippa Palette Pipsy Contouring Powder Blankcanvascosmetics Medium Contouring Powder - NYX Taupe Blush Contouring Brush - F40 Contouring brush - F30 Brushes by BlankCanvasCosmetic for 10% off use code SINEAD Lets be friends outside youtube: INSTAGRAM instagram is Sineadycady FACEBOOK TWITTER!/SineadyCady SNAPCHAT sineadycady PINTEREST _ Brushes by BlankCanvasCosmetic for 10% off use code SINEAD ___ Beginner Eye Makeup Tutorials | More Celebrity Makeup Tutorials | 5 Step Makeup Tutorials | More Monday Makeup Lessons | More Party Makeup Tutorial | More Natural Makeup Tutorial | More Hair Tutorial | Thank you so much for watching me put makeup on my face hehe Id love to see you put makeup on your face so if you try out any of my looks. tag me in the picture x

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