My Acne Story | Maddi Bragg | How to get rid of acne

05 February 2016 . 457K views . 14.9K likes

By Maddi Bragg

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Maddi Bragg’s Notes

In todays video I talk about my struggle with acne & how Ive cleared up my skin. Although my skin is still not perfect I wanted to talk about how Ive improved it over the last few months and my struggle with how to get rid of acne. Subscribe! Its normal for teenagers to have acne and its not easy to get clear skin. Ive tried a lot of things to get clear skin and I wanted to share some tricks and tips on what worked for me. Videos Mentioned: Skincare Routine: Self Confidence Q&A: Follow Me SNAPCHAT / maddibragg Tweet me @maddibragg Instagram @maddibragg Tumblr /maddibraggg VLOGS - Hey guys its maddi bragg (madisenrosebeauty1). I hope this video on getting rid of acne helps you in some way. Acne really sucks and a lot of teenagers get acne or breakout, from whiteheads to blackheads to just plain old acne. There are a lot of skincare hacks and acne hacks - tricks and tips too - that I tried to get rid of acne fast. My severe acne was the worst this past summer, it was really bad and I tried a lot of natural solutions and medications to get clear skin and prevent acne.

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